First Direct Lending Named One of the Best Places to Work in Orange County


First Direct Lending, LLC was recently named as one of the 2015 Best Places to Work in Orange County. The awards program was created in 2009 and is a project of the Orange County Business Journal and Best Companies Group.

This county-wide survey and awards program was designed to identify, recognize and honor the best places of employment in Orange County, benefiting the county’s economy, its workforce and businesses.

Organizations from across the county entered the two-part process to determine the Best Places to Work in Orange County. The first part consisted of evaluating each employer’s workplace policies, practices, and demographics. This part of the process was worth approximately 25% of the total evaluation. The second part consisted of an employee survey to measure the employee experience. This part of the process was worth approximately 75% of the total evaluation. The combined scores determined the top organizations and the final ranking. Best Companies Group managed the overall registration and survey process in Orange County and also analyzed the data and used their expertise to determine the final ranking.

The ranking of the winning organizations will be released via a special section of the Orange County Business Journal’s July 27th issue.

“We are honored to be recognized as one of the best places to work,” said Dave Brown, President and Co-CEO of First Direct Lending. “Our growth and success is a direct result of having an amazing team of talented people and we work hard to create an environment that allows such people to thrive.”

The Company continues its aggressive growth by expanding their corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA and hosting monthly recruiting events around Orange County. For more information about careers at First Direct Lending, visit https://firstdirectlending.com/careers/ or contact Judy Contino at 949-535-1998.

For more information on the survey process for the Best Places to Work in Orange County program, visit http://www.BestPlacestoWorkOC.com or contact Jackie Miller at 877-455-2159.

About First Direct Lending, LLC

First Direct Lending, LLC is a dynamic consumer direct mortgage lender that serves a broad spectrum of homeowners and homebuyers from its rapidly growing Orange County, California production center. First Direct was founded by an experienced team of entrepreneurial executives that have a proven track record of building and growing successful companies both in and outside of the mortgage industry. First Direct is committed to providing a simple and effortless financing experience built on treating all customers with care and respect.


The Climate Trust Gets More Transparent with Glass Door Committee


This summer, The Climate Trust, a mission-driven nonprofit that specializes in financing climate solutions, will be launching a Glass Door Committee of external expert advisors to provide insight and transparency on its carbon credit acquisitions efforts. This is a first-of-its-kind committee structure for this carbon market veteran.

The seven committee members that have elected to join The Trust, will assess any foreseeable perception benefits and risks associated with selecting a project for review and possible contract negotiations. This feedback will, in turn, inform The Trust’s internal Risk Management Committee which will have final authority to sanction contract negotiations.

The Trust recruited committed members who believe in our mission and are willing to serve as active advisors. We are pleased to announce that the high-caliber of professionals joining our ranks include: Jonathan Fink, Vice President for Research and Strategic Partnerships at Portland State University; Kristen Sheeran, Oregon Director at Climate Solutions; Shanna Brownstein, Manager, Government and Community Affairs at NW Natural; Wendy Culverwell, Sustainability Reporter at Portland Business Journal; Debbie Reed, Executive Director at Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases; Janet Peace, Senior Vice President, Policy and Business Strategy at Center for Climate and Energy Solutions; and Michael Ferrucci, President at Interforest, LLC and Instructor at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

“We believe that this work has never been more important than it is today, because as markets mature and complexity increases, thorough due diligence and transparency is vital,” said Sean Penrith, executive director for The Climate Trust. “We are excited at the positive responses we’ve received, and know that our inaugural Committee will be a strong asset in evaluating The Trust’s future endeavors.”

The intention of the committee is to enhance the scope and rigor of The Trust’s evaluation and approvals process. Glass Door members will review projects and offer their insights on the project sector, partners and the environmental, social and economic benefits as well as potential risks. The Trust’s Marketing & Communications Manager, Kasey Krifka, will serve as the liaison to this Committee, facilitating an hour-long call every other month and filtering the results to the Risk Management Committee.

The recruitment efforts for this committee have been specific to contacts within the circles of Academia, Policy, Marketing, Media and those with knowledge of the sectors where The Trust’s work is focused—forestry, agriculture and biogas.

If you are interested in submitting your name for consideration for future Glass Door membership or know someone who may be a fit, please get in touch.

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Home Care Assistance Fairfield Offers Dementia Webinar for CE Credit


Fairfield, CT (PRWEB) June 08, 2015

Home Care Assistance Fairfield, a premier provider of in-home care for seniors, is hosting an hour-long educational webinar, “Dementia Examined: Exploring Approaches for Treatment”, for CE credit. Led by Patricia Spilman, Senior Staff Scientist and specialist in Alzheimer’s disease research and drug development at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, the webinar will provide an overview of the diagnostic criteria for dementia with an emphasis on the cognitive, behavioral and emotional issues that accompany the various forms of the disorder. Patricia Spilman will also discuss current treatments, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological, available for individuals with any form of dementia. Scientific studies will also be presented concerning neuroplasticity and the manner in which engagement in specific activities, or interventions, can promote structural and physiological changes in the brain that may in turn increase functioning and enhance quality of life. To register for the webinar, please visit http://www.HomeCareAssistance.com/cewebinar.

“We are very pleased to offer this webinar to healthcare professionals who work closely with older adults,” said Patricia Spilman, Senior Staff Scientist and presenter. “Pharmacological interventions have been and continue to be the first-line treatment for chronic dementia, but recent research based on the concept of neuroplasticity suggests that various non-pharmacological interventions may be of substantial benefit for many people with this condition.”

This CE course is offered free to all registrants as part of Home Care Assistance’s mission to change the way the world ages and commitment to community education around topics related to aging and wellness. This webinar is the ideal opportunity for professionals from a wide spectrum of fields, ranging from social workers to nurses to care managers and many more, to earn one CE credit while simultaneously gaining valuable information that will be beneficial in advancing their careers and strengthening their patient relationships.

By the end of the presentation, webinar attendees will be able to:

Describe different forms of dementia (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body disease, etc.) and associated cognitive, psychological and behavioral symptoms
Have a comprehensive understanding of pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to dementia intervention
Understand neuroplasticity and how specific activities may promote physiological changes in the brain that result in improved function and increased quality of life
“We are offering this complimentary webinar as a way to thank the many health and senior care professionals with whom we work in Connecticut,” said Erik Gans, President of Home Care Assistance Fairfield. “Like our caregivers, these professionals go above and beyond to support older adults in their communities, so this is the least we can do to give back.”

The CE credit is available if the healthcare professional is licensed in a field or profession from one of the boards listed below. Professionals who are not sure whether their state board will accept this CE credit should contact the organization before registering:

Social Work (NASW)
Nursing (CA Board of Registered Nursing)
Case Management (CCMC)
In order to receive one hour of CE credit, healthcare professionals must attend the full webinar, complete an evaluation and score 80% or higher on the post-test. The post-test must be completed by 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern on Wednesday, July 15th, 2015. Attendees who pass will receive their certificates via email.

For more information about Home Care Assistance Fairfield or the upcoming webinar, please visit http://www.HomeCareAssistanceFairfield.com or call 203-955-1915. Home Care Assistance Fairfield is located at 1300 Post Road in Fairfield, Connecticut.


Home Care Assistance is the leading provider of home care for seniors across the United States and Canada. Our mission is to change the way the world ages. We provide older adults with quality care that enables them to live happier, healthier lives at home. Our services are distinguished by the caliber of our caregivers, the responsiveness of our staff and our expertise in Live-In care. We embrace a positive, balanced approach to aging centered on the evolving needs of older adults. A 2015 Franchise500® and Inc. 5000 Company, Home Care Assistance has received numerous industry awards including Entrepreneur’s Fastest-Growing Franchises and Franchise Business Review’s Top 50. Home Care Assistance is also the exclusive provider of the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, a one-on-one cognitive activities program administered in the home. For more information about Home Care Assistance or our services including the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, visit homecareassistance.com or cognitivetherapeutics.com.

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Automotive legal expert reveals 10 questions every lender and buy-here-pay-here dealer must ask themselves in response to CFPB Larger Participant Rule

SecureClose uses a computerized avatar to verbally walk car buyers through each document in legally compliant, easy-to-understand language. Closings are recorded and stored in cloud.

While this month’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issuance of the Larger Participant Rule came as no surprise to the automotive finance industry, SecureClose Chief Legal Officer Steve Levine said many dealers and lenders may not realize how far the rule will reach – likely impacting more than just large participants.

The official language extends the CFPB’s supervision to any nonbank auto finance company that makes, acquires or refinances 10,000 or more loans or leases per year. “But that’s only the technical threshold. In reality, trickle-down pressure from capital sources, floor plan providers and credit reporting agencies – all of whom are accountable for the actions of dealers they do business with – will place even the smallest dealers and lenders under the microscope,” Levine said. “Not to mention plaintiff’s attorneys who seek out new cases based on the CFPB’s focus areas, as well as local and state regulators who regularly pursue businesses below the 10,000-loan-or-lease threshold.”

Levine asserted that every lender and buy-here-pay-here dealer should assess whether they provide consumers with truly understandable explanations of what they are agreeing to. “Car buyers are often confused about the terms of their deal, and this misunderstanding – combined with inadequate disclosures or proof of disclosures – leads to unnecessary conflict and often legal action,” he said. “We see time and time again that the best-informed customers end up being the best-performing customers.”

Levine said SecureClose offers a solution that fully satisfies these disclosure and documentation needs from the perspective of regulators, lawyers and car buyers. SecureClose technology automates the closing process by using a computerized avatar to verbally walk each customer through his or her deal terms, while sharing legally compliant, easy-to-understand commentary along the way. “It’s like having a lawyer close every deal – and having a cloud-based video record to prove it,” Levine added.

He said traditional scripts or videotapes of closings – while sometimes helpful – are not nearly enough in today’s environment, due to the high price of human error. “Dealers must ensure that customers receive the right message, every time – and that closings are not compromised because an employee is tired, untrained or wants to close the deal at any cost,” Levine said. “I’ve written countless closing scripts, and with SecureClose, for the first time I’m truly confident that my legal work is actually provided correctly to the consumer,” he continued.

Levine recommended that all dealers and lenders respond to the CFPB’s latest rule by asking themselves 10 questions, categorized by the bureau’s areas of concern:


1) Do our advertising and marketing materials accurately disclose the true deal terms?

2) Do we provide simple checklists that explain the auto financing terms in a customer-friendly way?


3) Do we have a documented process that matches the complexity of our business?

4) Do we provide credit reporting training and testing at least twice per year to employees tasked with this function, and do we document their personnel files accordingly?

5) Do we conduct adequate investigations of every single dispute, and can we demonstrate the process?


6) Do our customers know all the payment options available to them?

7) Are our invoices, collection letters, and call strategies synchronized so customers receive a consistent message instead of a confusing one?

8) Are we taking advantage of online payments, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and text messaging, all of which leverage technology and avoid confrontation with the customer?


9) Do we practice menu selling so no customer can claim different treatment?

10) Do we provide written explanations of each add-on product’s key benefits?

Levine and other SecureClose executives – including Chief Executive Officer Allen Dobbins, formerly of AutoStar Solutions, and Founder and Chief Vision Officer Ace Christian, owner of Rock Solid Auto in Mesa, Ariz. – are on hand to discuss the full impact of the CFPB’s announcement at the NIADA Convention & Expo in Las Vegas, June 22-25. They will also attend the Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association Annual Conference & Expo in San Antonio, Aug. 9-12, and Innovate: The Independent Dealer Industry Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, Sept. 20-23.


SecureClose provides automated closing technology that uses a computerized avatar to verbally walk car buyers through each document in legally compliant, easy-to-understand language. Both English and Spanish are available.

Closings are recorded and stored in cloud, where all parties can access the files at any time. This process fills the gaps left by traditional scripts and videotapes, removing the element of human error while offering unlimited storage space, security and ease of access.

SecureClose maintains offices in Fort Worth, Texas, and Mesa, Ariz. For more information, call (888) 807-0404 or visit http://www.secureclose.net.

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RealWorks Press Announces the Publication of the Ultimate Home Financing Guide Authored by a Mortgage Industry Insider


Mortgage Matters: Demystifying the Loan Approval Maze

Mortgage Matters

Demystifying the Loan Approval Maze

By: Sylvia M. Gutiérrez

Publisher: RealWorks Press

Publication Date: June 22, 2015

Price: $ 24.95 paperback ISBN: 978-0-9904004-1-7

Price: $ 9.99 eBook ISBN: 978-0-9904004-0-0

In Mortgage Matters, seasoned residential mortgage loan officer Sylvia M. Gutiérrez thoughtfully guides the mortgage applicant through a step-by-step analysis of the home lending process, providing tools and tips, in easy to understand language, allowing the borrower to:

    Reduce anxiety over the unknown
    Expedite the loan decision
    Ensure an accurate credit report
    Get the very best loan terms for their particular situation
    Minimize interest costs over the life of the loan
    Understand how new mortgage laws and financial reform are affecting the process

“Most borrowers are not aware of the different choices available to them in mortgage lending,” writes Gutiérrez. “They’re only focused on looking for the best interest rate.” One size does not fit all in the highly complex mortgage market. As a result, many borrowers fail to match themselves with a lender and loan program that will produce positive results.

With rumblings of a general dissatisfaction arising from “lenders issuing too many requests for additional (or the same) documents throughout a lengthy decisioning process”, Gutiérrez shares her insight to minimize file touches. “The housing industry is focused on connecting with the growing market of future homeowners comprised of Millennials and Hispanics. The first step in reaching these communities is making the process easier to understand.”


About the author

Sylvia M. Gutiérrez is a mortgage professional. A residential mortgage loan officer since 1993, Sylvia has assisted thousands of families in the mortgage application process, through various market cycles, and sweeping regulatory changes. She has a degree in Finance from Florida International University, has worked for one of the Big Three, a regional bank, a community bank, and a mom-and-pop shop. At publication, Sylvia serves as a director on the board of the South Florida Chapter of the Mortgage Bankers Association and on the Diversity & Inclusion Committee for the National Association of Mortgage Professionals as Vice Chair for Fair Lending topics. She is fluent in English and Spanish and is available for interviews.






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Recent Action by Congress Limiting Use of Disparate Impact May Affect Landlords and Rentals, States TenantScreeningUSA.com



Disparate impact is a complicated legal issue, one not easily explained.

From the National Fair Housing website, disparate impact, as related to housing, is defined as such (Jan. 15, 15):

“Disparate Impact is a legal doctrine under the Fair Housing Act which means that a policy or practice may be considered discriminatory if it has a disproportionate “adverse impact” against any group based on race, national origin, color, religion, sex, familial status, or disability.” (1)

In Washington DC the House of Congress recently passed an amendment limiting the use of “disparate impact” as used in housing litigation by the Department of Justice. This action is in advance to an upcoming Supreme Court ruling regarding a similar issue, due at the end of June 2015.

From housingwire.com (Jun 03, 15):

“The House passed his amendment to H.R. 2578, the Fiscal Year 2016 Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations Act. The amendment would bar the Department of Justice from using funds for litigation in which they seek to apply disparate impact theory.” (2)

While the full effect of this new amendment is yet to be fully felt it is a clear indication of the potential legal morass within the housing and rental market.

Adam Almeida, President and CEO of TenantScreeningUSA.com states: “Just as the disparate impact theory affects pre-employment background screening, disparate impact can affect the rental market. Clearly the action by the House could affect how landlords and property managers conduct screening. Combined with the upcoming SCOTUS opinion, greater scrutiny will certainly be placed on how vetting rental applications with tenant background checks is conducted with various protected classes.”

From bankingjournal.aba.com (Jun 04, 15):

“…Under HUD’s rule, a lender, apartment owner, apartment manager or housing cooperative could be challenged if these practices yield different results for a protected class, and also face severe reputational harm and significant costs of defense.” (3)

By the end of June 2015 the Supreme Court will have ruled on the issue of disparate impact and, perhaps, provide further guidance as to the use of this legal tool. While the outcome is still in question undoubtedly the results will cause a great deal of change within the housing market and, subsequently, the rental market.

Almeida states: “At the core of the ruling is the use of disparate impact within a legal context. The House action combined with the potential Supreme Court ruling could greatly change the legal environment not only with lending but with renting also. Landlords will have to remain very clear and practiced in their rental policies and use of tenant screening, and it is critical they work with third-party tenant screening companies to remain compliant.”

TenantScreeningUSA.com is a third-party tenant screening company that can provide screening packages for landlords and property managers with property holdings large and small. Specializing in local, state, and Federal compliance, TenantScreeningUSA.com can assist landlords and property managers in avoiding missteps with tenant screening policies.


(1)    nationalfairhousing.org/publicpolicy/disparateimpact/tabid/4264/default.aspx

(2)    housingwire.com/articles/34087-house-passes-amendment-to-limit-disparate-impact-far-beyond-housing-policy

(3)    bankingjournal.aba.com/2015/06/aba-groups-welcome-amendment-to-limit-disparate-impact/


DICARO & ASSOCIATES Issues 6 Tips on How to Safely Invest in Discounted Mortgage Notes, Trust Deeds, and Land Contract Installment Loans


Earning 12% Fixed Annual Yields are Probable with the Right Formula

Many people want to dabble and play with different types of investments, including discounted mortgage notes. These 6 top tips issued by DICARO & ASSOCIATES, will help the most novice beginner and remind the professional investor how to protect themselves so they only enjoy an upside profit without worrying about a downside risk.

1.    Don’t loan it, unless you want to own it. In other words, don’t buy the loan secured by a garbage dump, unless you don’t mind owning a garbage dump some day. The best security is a single family residence because there is the largest pool of buyers in case you ever get the property back. Commercial properties are very tough to evaluate the appraised value because, many times, it is tied to the earning potential of the property. If the earning potential is zero, well guess what, the property isn’t worth much either.

2.    Mortgage funds are riskier than you think. Can you say “2008 sub-prime mortgage meltdown”? The whole reason there was a downturn in the entire economy is because hundreds of billions of dollars of mortgages were overvalued, pooled, cut up (turned into derivatives) and most large corporation’s retirement plans, pension plans, and the entire world invested in mutual funds who then invested in an overvalued mortgage pool which subsequently defaulted and caused a massive crash. If a person cannot put their finger on exactly one investment and understand how and why it was originated, then the entire outcome is left to others, who for the most part, don’t have your best interests in mind.

3.    Don’t invest in hard money loans to start off. A hard money loan is a loan that is lent to real estate investors for investment purposes. They are usually short term, high interest loans, designed to be used for renovation purposes. The loan is then repaid from the sale or refinance of a property. What if the loan comes due and the property is repossessed before the renovation is complete? Is this an investment or a speculation? Buying and originating these loans are left for the professional investor.

4.    Owner financed loans can provide the highest return with least risk… if done properly. There are a few companies in the marketplace who buy and sell first position owner financed mortgage loans safely and at double-digit returns. The challenge here is that there aren’t many seller financed notes (aka owner financed notes) that are created in comparison to traditional bank originated loans. Usually these companies only work with accredited investors, as well. Also, make sure you’re not funding a note sale where the collateral is a vacant lot in the Nevada desert.

5.    Make sure the loan has a lender’s title insurance policy. Many real estate investors have never heard of a lender’s title policy. Additionally, many title companies don’t offer a lender’s title insurance policy whenever they are involved in a transaction where a privately held mortgage or trust deed is created. Why? Because they are ignorant. The fact is that mortgage note investment companies who buy and sell notes require a lender’s title insurance policy is in place before they fund the transaction. In the event of a title issue after the fact, only the owner of the property would be covered without a lender’s title policy in place. Not a good place to be as an investor in real estate notes.

6.    Make sure the collateral property has a hazard insurance policy. What if you buy a mortgage loan on a property and the property subsequently burns to the ground? You will want to be paid what you are owed from the insurance proceeds, right? Well, that will only happen if a hazard insurance policy is in place, and the lender is listed as an “additionally insured party” or “additional lost payee” or “mortgagee lost payee”. Otherwise the insurance check will only be paid to the borrower, who probably won’t pay off the loan instead of spending the money elsewhere.

Nicholas di Caro is the Founder and Senior Investment Partner of DICARO & ASSOCIATES, LLC. Based out of their Chicago, Illinois location, they buy, sell, hold, and service privately held mortgage notes, trust deeds, land contracts, and installment sales agreements in all 50 states. They are actively buying performing loans secured by single family residences, mobile homes with land, and commercial properties. They have the ability to buy and sell notes that other companies have denied, in addition to providing creative purchase options that are new to the industry. Additionally, they have the ability to partner with accredited investors nationwide who can earn double-digit annual yields.

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AmeriQuest Business Services Sponsors Up-and-Coming Golfer on the Road to the LPGA

CHERRY HILL, NJ (PRWEB) May 28, 2015

AmeriQuest Business Services, a technology-enabled provider of financial process automation, procurement, and asset management solutions, is proud to announce its sponsorship of young golf champion, Emily Gimpel, winner of the 2013 Philadelphia Women’s Amateur Championship and winner of multiple junior championships. At 22 years old, Emily is poised to continue her successful swing through the ranks of women’s golf with her debut in professional golf at both the 2015 Symetra Tour and the Suncoast Tour. She qualified for the Symetra Tour on her first attempt at the LPGA Qualifying School Tournament in 2014 in Ranch Mirage, CA. She also tee’d it up at the Monday Qualifier for the 2015 LPGA ShopRite Classic at the Stockton Seaview Hotel in Galloway, NJ on May 25.

“We are excited to work with this promising young golfer as she embarks on her professional golf career,” said Kate Freer, Vice President of Marketing for AmeriQuest. “The Symetra Tour provides an additional key playing opportunity to help her achieve her dreams of playing on the LPGA.”

“This support from AmeriQuest helps me to continue to pursue my dream of advancing to the LPGA Tour,” said Emily. “I am inspired and thankful to represent such a fine company and one that is so committed to excellence and support of its community.”

The Symetra Tour, Road to the LPGA, has over twenty tournaments around the country running from February till September, with a total purse of $ 2.73 million. Symetra Tour Chief Business Officer Mike Nichols commented, “This year we took another big step forward in continuing to make the Symetra Tour a first-class proving ground to identify the next generation of LPGA stars.”

Emily’s golf career also includes winning the 2010 Pennsylvania State Junior Girls Championship and the 2009 International Junior Golf Tour Seaview Marriott Invitational in Galloway NJ, finishing in the Top 10 of the Women’s Eastern Amateur in 2011, and achieving Match Play Qualifier status at both the Trans National Championship in 2013 and Women’s Western Amateur in 2014. At Mount Saint Joseph Academy High School in Flourtown, PA, she was a team captain and member of two state championship golf teams. Her collegiate golf career included playing in the NCAA championships and four team tournament wins at the University of Maryland, after being named all-conference and setting several scoring records in her freshman year at the College of William and Mary. In addition to her golf, Emily keeps herself busy as founder and chair of the “Junior Golf Clubs Cancer” foundation, which has raised almost $ 200,000 for pediatric cancer research and support of families dealing with childhood cancers, and donated over 2000 golf clubs for the First Tee junior golf programs. Emily believes in incorporating her strong faith, positive outlook, hard work, and determination into everything she does. Her personal motto is “PLAY—to your strengths.”

A resident of Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, Emily graduated from the University of Maryland in 2014 after earning a degree in kinesiology, the study of physical activity and its role in human health. Along with playing golf, Emily enjoys teaching golf to children, swimming, and cooking. She trains six to seven days a week and credits a large and supportive family for her optimism as she embarks on this exciting next round of golf.

About AmeriQuest Business Services, Inc.

AmeriQuest is a technology-enabled provider of financial process automation, procurement, and asset management solutions. AmeriQuest enables companies to simplify and streamline their complex business processes through a combination of technology, expertise, and process efficiencies, and gives them the operational leverage they need to grow their business. For more information, visit ameriquestcorp.com.

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National Debt Relief Talks About Instances When It Is Okay To Borrow Money


National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief shares in an article published June 3, 2015 some of the instances when it is acceptable to take out a loan.The article titled “5 Times When It’s Okay To Borrow Money” looks at some specific instances when consumers can take up debt and explains why it would be a better financial move than avoiding debt.

The article starts off by highlighting the fact that a lot of books and even financial experts all say that consumers need to avoid debt. It takes away so much from the consumer’s future that it should be avoided at all cost. And in most cases this is good advice. When consumers borrow money they’re really borrowing from their future self. They get to use the money now but it won’t seem like such a good idea several years from now when they’re still trying to repay it.

One of the things that people need to look into is when they cannot cover their medical bills and run the risk of getting into debt. Although the credit reporting bureaus have given a 180-day grace period for consumers to pay their medical debts before it gets reflected on their scores, there are times that the bill is too high and consumers are tempted to swipe it in their cards.

The article suggests that it might be better to take out a personal loan to cover the bill rather than using the more convenient credit card. This is because the interest rate on personal loans might be lower than the ones being used by credit card lenders. This can mean valuable savings in the future when they compare the total interest paid on the loan.

The article also explains how moving either interstate or intrastate or even abroad can easily break the budget when everything is summed up. Even the small things like the boxes and wrappers can amount to thousands of dollars at the end of the day. In these cases, it is also better to take out a personal loan rather than charging everything in the card.

There are instances when consumers would like to make some home improvements and rather than using their cards to pay for the expense, they might look into a home equity as a line of credit from their lenders which will have a much lower rate than personal loans and even credit cards. To read the full article, click this link: https://www.nationaldebtrelief.com/5-times-when-its-okay-to-borrow-money/

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RealManage’s Christopher D. Ayoub Named President


Christopher D. Ayoub is a distinguished U.S. military veteran. He was named Air Force Cadet of the Year upon graduating from the United States Air Force Academy in 2003, and is also an Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran with more than 60 combat missions to his name. Other achievements include: personal invitation to the White House Oval Office by President Bush, Headquarters United States Air Force Academy Company Grade Officer of the Year, a Congressional Record, ADF-C Space Wing Reserve Officer of the Year, and Air Force Space Command Communications and Information Company Grade Officer of the Year.

Ayoub most recently served RealManage as the corporate Executive Vice President. As the Executive Vice President, Ayoub has been selected on multiple occasions to be a key note speaker at industry events, led unprecedented growth for the RealManage North Texas market, and has led many growth efforts for RealManage across the United States.

Prior to joining RealManage, Ayoub held the position of Chief Operating Officer for Pavaso, a leading Real Estate software technology firm where he headed efforts to become one of the first companies to execute a Digital Close Real Estate transaction. Additionally, under Ayoub’s leadership, Pavaso was selected by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for their national mortgage eClosing pilot.

“Christopher has accomplished many wonderful things for RealManage. His high level of energy, outstanding leadership skills, and positive attitude have been contagious for our company. I am delighted to select him as RealManage’s President and know he will be a great asset to RealManage and its continued growth,” states Chris O’Neill, Chief Executive Officer.

RealManage is a property management company that specializes in HOA management and condominium management and manages hundreds of community associations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and Washington, including homeowner associations (HOAs), condominium associations, cooperatives, municipal utility districts, luxury high-rises and large master-planned communities. For more information or to request a quote for HOA management or condominium management, visit http://www.realmanage.com or call us toll-free at (866) 403-1588. You may also follow us on http://www.Facebook.com, http://www.Twitter.com , http://www.LinkedIn.com and http://www.plus.google.com.